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Speaking for the Child

An Autobiography and a Challenge

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Quotes from Speaking for the Child:

“We all live on the same planet but we don‘t all live in the same world.”
“Insanity is the only sane response to an insane world.”

If you love to read a great book, this autobiography will inspire you.

Rhonda Johnson’s world starts out normal enough. Well, almost. In the first grade she is placed in a class for the smart kids. Everything goes downhill from there. As the world of hearing and vision slowly fades, she struggles in a world that refuses to acknowledge her disabilities, but interprets them as a lack of common sense and attentiveness. Her spiritual world is usurped by the Word of Faith movement, which teaches her that prayer and faith will make God heal her and then blames her when He does not. She must ignore what others think is common sense and look inside her Self to remain sane in this insane world. Wonder how she did it? Get your copy now. Click Here.

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