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We provide information about service and products with absolutely NO endorsement of the ccompanies that provide those products and services. Treat them as companies you might find in the phone book and research them thoroughly before spending any money on them.

General Disability Related


Disability Articles .*

Hearing Impairment


Manual Alphabet *


Harris Communications *
Assistive technology Hub *


AT & T Telephone Relay service *
Sprint Telephone Relay Service *
Closed Captioning for Digital Television *

Online Communities

Say What Club *


Gallaudet University * *

Visual Impairment


Using a White Cane
Working with a Seeing Eye Dog


Maxiaids *
Freedom Scientific *


American Foundation for the Blind *

Audio Books

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Wyoming *
Note: We found serious accessibility issues at the Oklahoma Library website. Try as we might, we could not find any other site for library services for visually impaired residents of Oklahoma. If you live in Oklahoma and find their site inaccessible, you might want to contact your state library for assistance.


Hadley School for the Blind *

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