Rhonda Denise Johnson

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Free Short Stories by Rhonda Denise Johson

The Writer Who Paints Pictures with Words

Learn something new! Experience new worlds! Curl up with a great read by author, Rhonda Denise Johnson

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The Tale of the Western Crocogator

The Tale of the Western Crocogator

An Urban Legend

Quotes from The Tale olf the Western Crocogator

"I ain't going to get my nose bit off asking no crocogator bout his business with no woman."
"These was strange feelings Stackodaddy hadn't knon he was capable of."

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The Listening Heart

Quotes from The Listening Heart

"Some people hear without listening. It must be coversely possible to listen without hearing."
"I cannot let it deaden my personality."

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Prince Alarming

Sequel to Sleeping Beauty

Quotes from Prince Alarming

“Whatever sleeping spell that fairy put on me, I wish I had some more.”
“Excellent, your highness. That is the room we have prepared for your…er…lady..”

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