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Finding Your Self

What does it mean to find your Self? For me it meant asking the FUQ —Frequently Unasked Questions. In our hectic daily lives the questions we don't stop to ask can often be more important than the ones we do ask. Many times we don't ask some questions because we don't think there is an answer, or they don't have an immediate practical relation to our current emergency, or the answers just seem too complex or they require us to open doors to the dark recesses of our minds where the boogie man resides. Whatever the reason, while you're here now might be a good time to start asking these questions for yourself.

Who am I?
Why am I where I am?
Why do I think as I do?
Could I think differently?
Why am I feeling this way right now?
What will happen if I ignore this craving?
Why should I take what this person did personally?
Is there another way to interpret this situation?
What part did I play in this situation?
Why did this doctor prescribe medicine when he doesn't know what's wrong?
Why do I expect my circumstances to change if I continue to do the same things the same way?
Is this my last resort or is it Plan A?
Do I have a Plan B?

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